New York City

This is our last day in NewYork City and it kind of bittersweet. I do want to go home (not to the cold it has been like a Newfoundland summer here) but I know I will miss Chris and Umbreen so very much. We have had a fabulous week.

We arrived on Wednesday April 12 tired from travelling so we got some food and rested at Chris and Umbreen's apartment. 

The blue dot is where they live.

The blue dot is where they live.

On Thursday night we went to see Come From Away. This was a the best show I have ever seen. The music and the acting was wonderful. Today CBC News NL had this to say.

On Friday Gary and Chris went to the New York International Auto Show and we all went to a Yankees game on Saturday.

The rest of the week was spent walking around and shopping. Saw some interesting buildings (Washington Square, Central Park and the Flatiron  Building) and of course I bought some wool. 

Today we had lunch with Chris at a Google building which overlooked the Hudson River. Great meal and wonderful views.

As I finish this blog I think about what I plan to do on my next visit. There is so much here to see and do especially visit Chris and Umbreen.

If you ever get a chance to visit New York City go and enjoy the experience.

Take Care