Finally My First Blog .... A Blackout

I have finally set up my site and what a day to write my real first blog!

Big news in Newfoundland .......... we had a Blizzard over night and awoke to no electricity. Most of the province lost its electricity.


Temperature outside was -10C during daylight and now it is -12C.

My husband bought a generator last month so we are able to have internet and use a few appliances one at a time.  We kept warm on tea, coffee, hot chocolate and a fire in our fireplace (Thanks Herb for the wood....GREAT NEIGHBOUR)



During the day I found that I was getting cold just sitting around  so I decided to finish cleaning  my studio (will show more later) which was a mess from Christmas preparations. So here I am all dressed up to do some cleaning....... not the usual dress!

In my studio downstairs.

In my studio downstairs.

I have long john's under my flannel pjs and boy wearing a hat really keeps you warm.  My headlight worked really well and after a couple hours cleaning I did warm up.

We managed to get a warm meal in the evening and now it is time to get ready for bed. We decided to bring a mattress downstairs and we are sleeping in the living room tonight!

Gary is reading and Echo is not sure what is happening

Gary is reading and Echo is not sure what is happening

This is what it must have been like in 'The Olden Days" least I don't have to go outside to pee.

Hope tomorrow brings some heat, and warmer temperatures (I believe it is suppose to go up to  a bombing -5c).

Have you ever had a blackout and if you have what did you do to keep warm?

Take Care