Pan Pastels as a Resist

Today I used Pan Pastels as a resist. I

It was really interesting how the Pan Pastels when applied to the Light Molding Paste acted as a resist 

I first applied Light Molding Paste to a page in my journal using a stencil.


After the Light Molding Paste is completely dry I painted gesso over the entire area making sure everything is covered.


When the gesso was dried completely  I applied two colours of Pan Pastels - violet and violet shade - over the whole page with a Sofft Sponge

I covered the entire page with watered down Tri Art  Dioxazine Violet


I let the paint dry for a short while. Then with a baby wipe I wiped off some of the paint on the raised light molding paste. At this stage you can wipe off as much paint as you want.

I then added some Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold and more of the Dioxazine Violet with my finger to area I wanted to highlight.

To finish it off I added a stamp and a quote.

I love Pan Pastels they are so easy to work with. They blend really well and you can apply them to a lot of different  mediums. You should give them a try.


Take Care