Art Class today

I had an art class (this is a monthly class) with four vey inspiring 9 year olds............... Oh excuse me three 9 year olds and one 10 year old (Happy Birthday Emily - - she turned 10 today). I had taught a class with these young ladies in November and they inspired me then and they didn't fail me today. Look at what they made!

I had made them aprons and bags so they decorated them with fabric paints and as you can see they all did a fantastic job.



While their aprons and bags dried they worked in their art journals. Using watercolour pastels, crayons and pencils they experimented. They also used oil pastels,  different kinds of  crayons and stickers to embellish their art. I love how different they approached their journal.

Don't you think these budding artist are just fantastic. Their imaginations are amazing. They really didn't need much guidance they just took off on their own and the results are exquisite.

I cannot wait for their next class and see what they make. It is exciting for me .

You can see more of their art here.

Spend some time with some young artist and you will come away inspired!

Take care