Yearlong Mixed Media Album

Thanks Sara!

Today was the last class for my yearlong album.

This past year I have been going to The Paperie on the last Sunday of the month doing a mixed media scrapbook album with Sara Case Strickland

I didn't completely follow the instructions in Sara's class but she did inspire me to expand my creativity. Sara is a great instructor and is very knowledgeable in her craft. She was very tolerable of me wanting it to go  my own way and for this I am truly grateful. Thank you Sara.

I did this as a Travel Album. 


On the front and back cover of the album I used all types of mixed media to showcase the places I have gone. 

The first page is of Ireland and I used Ranger's Sticky Back Canvas.

This page is stuck on the page protector. As you can see I used all kinds of products. I really enjoyed doing this page. On this page I pointed out the city I visited .

The 2nd and 3rd pages are of Dublin.

On these pages I used stencils, acrylic paint, Golden Light Molding Paste, book paper and much more.

I have completed most of the layouts but have not put the pictures on of them. As I get them done I will show you them. You can also see the album here.

Doing  layouts in mixed media is great because you end up with paper that  you want and  it was done by you! Go on  Youtube and find a mixed media artist and give it a try. You will feel so proud.

Take Care