Mixed Media Art Book Cover

 I decided to cover one of mixed media my art journal book covers


My art journal is a Strathmore Visual Journal.

I removed the front and back covers of the journal. 

Using Golden Gesso I painted the covers and let it dry.

                           Front Cover                                                                                                      Back Cover

After the Gesso was dry I stencilled the covers using Golden LIght Molding PasteStencil Girl Stencils and Dylusion Stencils

                                  Back Cover                                                                                                          Front Cover

When the Light Molding Paste had dried I then added chipboard pieces with glue. I then gessoed the covers making sure the chipboard and light molding paste are well covered.

                                          Back Cover                                                                                                 Front Cover

After the gesso dried I  painted the covers using Tri Art acrylic paints. I first painted with Cobalt Teal, then Dioxazine Violet and finally Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold. After I applied each paint I used a baby wipe to removed some of the paint to expose the gesso, the cobalt teal and dioxazine violet. Once all the paint had dried I then rubbed Gold colour Inka Gold

                                          Back Cover                                                                                             Front Cover

                                         Back Cover                                                                                      Front Cover

I protected the covers with a coat of Golden Reg Matte Gel and Golden Gel Topcoat.

                                      Front Cover                                                                                                    Back Cover

I just love the look of this book. It looks like an antique!

This was so much fun to make and it didn't take much time.  Give it a try and you will be amazed at what you can do.


Take Care