Changes to My Studio

I love my studio but it needed some tweaking. So the past few weeks  (hubby being away) I decided to make some changes.

This first area I tackled was the main working area.

The tables I used were of several different size and shapes and really to high for working (my back really ached after working or a few hours). I went to our local hardware store and bought some wood and screws and proceeded to make a new table all one size (48 inches by 96 inches) and lowered in height (about 27inches from floor). Covered with vinyl and I think it looks good 

My work area before

I renovated the back by getting rid of the tables and adding a small high table for my accuquilt machine and a large table for storage. I moved all my accuquilt dies into the area so they would be close by.

My new work area

For my work table I used shelving for the leg of the table. This provided lots of  believe it or not needed extra storage.


I then proceeded to my Sewing area.

In the old room I found my cutting table was too low and storage was  a problem.  In the new room I used a table I had in my mixed media area and it had extendable legs so I was able to raise it to the perfect height for cutting and bolted to the wall for stability.  I placed a small table in the centre to allow for picking out fabrics.

my sewing room area

My cutting table

my new sewing area

Fabric Storage (a little neater)

This was a lot of work to make but very satisfying. I am so proud of my Studio! Every screw, piece of wood and shelving unit was done by me...................... a Labour of Love.

You may not think you can do it for yourself but you can one small project at a time. 

Take Care