London - Day Three

During the day yesterday there wasn't much happening.................... went to Excel Convention Centre with Gary and sat around watching him get ready. The evening, I have to say was much more enjoyable...............  went to the Royal China Restaurant which from the name is a Chinese restaurant. I had a great meal, lots to drink and met a lot of interesting people from around the world.


Today I was out and about.  

Set off around 10:00 on the DLR (Docklands Light Rail) then got the Underground to the corner of Oxford Street and Regent Street. These are the major shopping streets in London - if you want to go to boutiques and pay lots of money.

Intersection of Oxford road and Regent street

Regent street

In my plans for the day I wanted to get a pair of shoes from Clarks, visit an art store ( I went to two) and visit a museum. I accomplished all!




I bought my pair of summer shoes from a Clarks store which was on Regent Street and I have to say the price was reasonable.








I visited two art stores and on the way  I stopped at a cafe´and had a cappuccino and a tarte´ framboise.

At one art store I got some concentrated watercolour and at the other I bought a book on How to Draw Faces in 15 minutes.

The museum I visited was The National Gallery located in Trafalgar Square.

The Museum  had a special exhibit of Vincent  Van Gogh's Sunflowers. It was truly amazing seeing them (I didn't take any pictures because it is prohibited). After seeing the Sunflower Exhibit I continued a tour of the museum  to look at all the other artist's works of art.......Monet, Picasso and many many more. I have to say I really like Van Gogh's paintings and especially Wheat Fields with Cypress. I could have got a copy of this as a canvas but it could not compare to the original so I came away with nothing. (I have expensive taste!!!)


Now at Trafalgar Square I was amazed to see The Blue Cock on the fourth plinth 

  also in the square there were a few busters and they were just floating around.

After I left Trafalgar square I went back to the hotel for a well deserved rest.

Gary and I went out for an interesting evening but I will leave that for another day when not much is happening.

Take Care from London