Greenwich London

Finally some pictures of my trip!

When we were in London we stayed in Greenwich and I spent most of my time walking around this beautiful part of London.

I like cities because there is a lot of history and lots of interesting buildings in  their 'Downtown' areas. It is where the city began and as you walk further out of this area it becomes boring with all the subdivisions. This is so true for most cities in North America. In London I found there is some of this but there are more pockets of history not just in the busy areas of Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square and Greenwich is one of those places.

One of the biggest attraction in Greenwich is the Royal Observatory where the Greenwich Meridian Line, Longitude 0° and it is the centre of world time.

Here are some pictures of Greenwich and the Royal Observatory. There is also a wonderful green park next to the old Royal Naval Academy.

We visited the Painted Hall at the old Royal Naval Academy. 

One evening we decided to take a ride on the Emirates Air Line which is - a gondola that takes you over the Thames it runs between North Greenwich and the Northern Docks.

Have to say I had a wonderful time in London. Every trip I get to see something new. Looking forward to going back again one day.