Plane Ride and Arriving in London

We finally got settled away on the plane at 12:30 am.

Here is Gary all ready for bed

waiting for instructions to finish to go to sleep

I woke at 3:10 Atlantic Time. Had a nice breakfast at 4:30 (sorry no picture still dopey)


Here are some pictures taken just before landing from my plane window.

Just outside London

London See the Thames

Notice something........................... no snow!

Landed in London around 9:30 GMT.

We decided to take the underground to get to our hotel in Greenwich.

this is the drl

It was 20ºC here today and traveling on the underground was quite pleasant. Only took us 1 hour 45 minutes to get to our hotel!

When we finally got to our room we took a nice 2 hour sleep.

So later in afternoon we went for a walk around Greenwich.

I am looking forward to tomorrow when I can really have a look and not feel so tired.


Take Care