My Sewing Room

After a frantic Christmas of sewing and embroidering my sewing room was a mess. As you may know I have started to knit so beside the fabric I have wool .........some I already had from years ago and some new.

What a mess!!!

I find I cannot work in a mess so for the last few weeks I have been getting rid of some stuff and adding some new. What I got rid of was a lot of fabric 6 bags!!

By the way I do not sew in this room it is just for storing.

I am so please with that I was able to be so ruthless and my room is now usable. I am going to try to only bring something new in if I am about to use it...............HA HA see how long that lasts!!

So here is my reorganized (for now) Sewing Room.

I do have pictures of what it looked like the other times I organized in previous blogs (these are on my hold studio) Jan 9 and Feb 27, 2014.

I am hoping to finish the rest of my studio which shouldn't take me as long and then I will posting some Classes for Adults and Children  February and March and some of my Art

Take Care