My Studio

I showed you part of my studio .......... my sewing room earlier now here is the rest of my Studio. Just a refresh - my studio is in the basement. It is 23 feet by 13 feet and the sewing room is 12 feet square. I designed it my self and I put up every shelf and even made the tables my self. (Check out here )

I haven't really done anything dramatic with the room just a few tweaks.  I got rid of 2 of sewing machines -  lent one and my Husqvarna sewing machine died but I bought a  Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro from Fiberlilly which is my new love.

My Studio

Here is my trolley which I bought from Ikea. I reorganized my it so that I have all my favourite acrylic paints close at hand. Ver convenient.

Having these rooms is great. All I have to do is go downstairs and play. Now Keeping it tidy is  problem I have to work on.

Have fun today doing whatever you love to do. It will make you Happy.

Take care