Happy Birthday to My Darling Michelle

Michelle would have been 29 today. Cannot believe it was 29 years ago today this beautiful girl came into our family. I had 15 wonderful years with her and she remains a constant in our family life. 

Michelle made who I am today and for such a short life she was amazing at what she accomplished.

Anyone who new Michelle new her to be fearless from the time she was very young.

At four she  stood up for older brother and told a bunch of 7, 8 and 9 nine year old boys to "Leave her brother alone!".  

At age 12 when most girls are going along to trying to and fit in Michelle was letting girls know what she thought of their petty behaviour and refused to follow. It was ok with her not to be apart of such a group.

During her illness she constantly questioned her doctors and nurses making sure they informed her and if she didn't like something she told them. I was so proud to be her Mom then and I still am.

Here are some pictures of Michelle.


My Darling Michelle Happy Birthday I love you and miss you so much!