My Exciting Time

It has been a really exciting time here getting ready for our 1st grandchild. I have been spending my days knitting a lot.

Knitted a few hats. The green hat is a Yoda hat!

The rust colour sweater is called an Old Man Sweater. I love the chartreuse sweater it is little bold but I still like it. The blue sweater has baseball buttons for his Dad.

The off white sweater is for a newborn and I knit that before I new we were going to be having a grandson. The double breasted sweater is one I manly!

I knit these thrummed mittens when I was in New York City not knowing I was having a grandson. 

Hopefully in 2 weeks time I will be a Grandma. That is everything is on time! HAHA!!

I am told it is the most wonderful thing to be a Grandma and I am looking forward to it sooooo much.

I will leave you with this picture of the two Grandmothers to be and the Mother to be. 

Janet, Ashley, Marg

Have a great day.

Take Care