Happy 30th Birthday Michelle

This was taken the summer of 1998. 

This was taken the summer of 1998. 

Today is my daughter Michelle's Birthday. She would have been 30 years old. Where has the time flown? The last Birthday she celebrated here was her 15th so she has been gone the same number of years I had her here with me physically. This just blows my mind!

I talk about my wonderful daughter all the time because she is always with me and I miss her so much also if you don't talk about a person who has passed then they really never lived. We were hoping to have a party for her this year but due to lousy weather had to cancel. That is life.

As I have said before Michelle was a very strong person and she new what she wanted and lived they way she wanted till the day she died. In Toronto she saw the show the Lion King the day before she died. 

Gary asked me the other day what I thought Michelle would be doing if she was here with us and I said she would either be an actor or a primary school teacher. All the time Michelle and I spent together we talked about what she wanted to do, her first choice was being an actor and I believe she would have.

Michelle loved to act! She would drag her brother Matthew, his friend Darryl and her friends Stephanie, Sarah and Anna into doing plays. When she got her video camera she then proceeded to tape them. I have a few movies here! 

Michelle attended  a few acting  classes held at MUN for young people. One summer Michelle and Stephanie attended Clown School. Oh how she loved going to these classes. 

Michelle  also loved children. She was the second oldest grandchild of my parents 12 grandchildren and when we all got together Michelle would gather all her younger cousins and play with them and keep them busy. This is something she really enjoyed. Jonathan the youngest grandchild was born on Michelle's birthday. She loved him so much and found she had a connection to him. Besides having the same birthday he was also left handed like her (no other grandchild was left handed). She babysat him and his siblings. How I wish she could see her nephew James. She would be so in love with him!

Time has passed but Michelle still remains young. I remember someone saying to me just after she died that she is like Peter Pan forever young!

Happy Birthday Michelle you are missed and loved so very much! 

Love You

Mom & Dad